El Triunfo

This is a journey through time, a blast to the past where character and effort conquered the desert to receive the bonanza with which El Triunfo was founded. During this 10-hour tour of the Ruta de Oro (Golden Route), you will receive the morning with a freshly roasted coffee and artisanal bread in Todos Santos; then go through the history of the town of El Triunfo; participate in a workshop about native corn and enjoy the sunset with a flirtatious drink of mezcal. End up back in your hotel door after this magical experience.

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9:00 AM to 10:45 AM

At exactly 9:30 AM your vehicle will be waiting to take you on this historical journey. You can count on the service of a professional driver within a unit equipped with comfort and security for your peace of mind.

Head towards Todos Santos through highway No. 19, in a journey of approximately 50 minutes with spectacular views. Upon reaching the magic town of Todos Santos, you’ll stop right in front of Workshop 17, recognized for two things: its excellent coffee and handmade bread. Start with a light bite and continue on with the tour of this beautiful town; through its Centennial Street heading to the main square, admiring the Todos Santos Mission, the great Manuel Márquez de León General Theater, and the mythical Hotel California. We will also tell you about the imaginary line of the Tropic of Cancer that passes through this town and which largely determines the microclimate that makes this place so special.


11:15 AM

We climb back to the vehicle and set out for a 74-kilometer route via highway No.19 towards El Triunfo. If you’re prone to car sickness we recommend to take medication since a stretch of curves awaits while cruising the area of ​​the Sierra de la Laguna.

Getting to El Triunfo is almost like traveling through time. This small town of 327 inhabitants was founded 300 years ago, motivated by the abundance of gold and silver in the region. Here a guide awaits, and will tell you all there is to know about the remains of that abundant past and show you spots like the La Ramona, a fireplace 47 meters high designed by the Frenchman Alexandre Gustave Eiffel, or the Parish of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

You will notice the white facades and pastel colors, a particular detail of the aesthetics in this community. A few meters away you will find the Music Museum, which keeps old instruments, especially pianos, a vestige of immigrants from Germany, Italy and France who lived here during the golden age of El Triunfo.

1:00 PM

Several people dressed in the mining style of the 1890s await to guide you along the golden route, in honor of Mexican corn. This didactic workshop will teach you more about this basic Mexican product. You will learn about the 64 varieties of corn that exist, of which 59 are native to our country.

In your hands you will have the Nal Tel type cob, originally from Yucatan, widely used for tortillas or totopos; the grains of the Jala type, perfect for the typical pozole; the cacahuazintle with a floury but tasty texture when well roasted; or the chapalote sown on the coast of the Sea of ​​Cortez and detectable for its reddish color and its high quality when turned into flour.

After the lesson comes the meal. The Chef will invite you to open all of your senses; to listen, see, smell and taste this pre-Hispanic gastronomic jewel. The final touch of the Ruta de Oro comes in the form of a menu of sopes, huaraches and uchepos prepared with freshly made dough. While the Chef prepares the dough, he will share details about the process; the grain, cooking process, mixing and grounding. Doña Ramona’s comal will warm the dough to give life to the natural tortilla, made without any conservatives. Try an itacate and compare its flavor with commercial tortillas.



El Minero Staff


In front of you, a plate of guacamole and a spicy sauce will be paired with your first taco. Try some Black Warrior salt too. As an entrée you will find a sope mounted with totoaba salpicón, cultivated in farms with proper authorization. Your main dish will be a huarache with beans, cream and cheese. Finish your meal with the uchepo, a tamale made with tender milled corn and a touch of milk, it has a sweet taste and soft consistency. To quench your thirst, you can try the variety of craft beers present at El Minero bar. If you like strong flavors an IPA or a Stout will suit you perfectly.

6:30 PM

After closing this interesting chapter of the tour, you’ll head back from El Triunfo towards El Mirador. A table will be waiting for you to enjoy the sunset, paired with a “Mezcal Sunset” prepared by the bar’s mixologist. At this point of the tour allow yourself to relax, enjoy the moment in good company, and appreciate a spectacular sunset full of colors in a place that seems gift-wrapped just for you.

El Mirador Patio Sunset

7:30 PM

As the night falls make your way back home. Your driver is responsible for dropping you off safely to the entrance of your hotel. Digest the experience as it settles into your memory as a keepsake of the wonders of Cabo San Lucas



All year (except on rainy days)

  • Luxury vehicle transportation with capacity for up to 12 passengers
  • Driver and professional guide
  • Pick up and return to hotel
  • Food and drinks
  • Tips


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