We are pleased to announce that American Humane, the United States' first national humane organization and the world’s largest certifier of animal welfare and well-being, is announcing that Tierra Sagrada by Cabo Adventures in Mexico, earned the Humane Certified™ seal of approval through its American Humane Conservation program, demonstrating the good welfare and treatment given to the camels in their care. As the first and only camel facility in the world to receive this prestigious certification, we are humbled and proud, and our commitment to upholding the highest standards of ethical and compassionate care for our beloved camels is stronger than ever.

American Humane has created a program designed by scientists, veterinarians, and wildlife experts to encourage and enforce higher standards in animal facilities like zoos, aquariums, and centers with interactive animal encounters. Facilities that meet these standards of excellence and show that they are contributing to conservation and rehabilitation efforts are eligible to receive the Humane Conservation certification.

This certification not only raises the standards for animal facilities all over the world, but it provides a way for travelers to know whether they’ve chosen a trustworthy company for their encounter. Animal lovers can enjoy these incredible experiences in good conscience that these animals are being taken care of and these animal facilities' efforts to educate the public can continue to grow.


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