There’s no better place on the planet to celebrate Earth Day than Los Cabos, one of the most magnificent examples of flora, fauna, marine life, and diverse landscapes worldwide. While Baja California Sur embraces visitors from every corner of the globe, those arriving at our destination must adopt responsible travel practices to ensure its breathtaking natural beauty is preserved for generations to come. Check out our guide to being a sustainable traveler:

Pack Wisely, Travel Lightly

Before embarking on an adventure, travelers should consider the environmental footprint of their packing choices. Less is best when it comes to a suitcase, bring a carry-on filled with light layers that can be re-worn rather than laundered, and avoid checking a bag that takes more fossil fuel to transport. Some essentials to include are reef-safe sunscreen to protect skin and Los Cabos’ delicate marine ecosystems, refillable water bottles - a ban on single-use plastics, went into effect in Los Cabos in August 2019, and other ethical travel accessories like a microfiber beach blanket to serve as a towel, a beach cover-up, or a picnic spread, and reusable shopping bags. 

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Stay Sustainably 

Eco-conscious travelers in Los Cabos can choose from a variety of conservation-focused accommodations, showcasing the region's dedication to environmental responsibility. Options range from boutique eco-resorts to luxury beachfront properties, each emphasizing sustainability without compromising on comfort or luxury. Hotel El Ganzo stands out for its innovative sustainability efforts, including recycling, composting, and water conservation measures, as well as its artist-in-residence program, which fosters local creativity and community engagement. Viceroy Los Cabos offers guests an immersive experience in conservation with activities like marine conservation adventures, beach cleanups, and farm-to-table dining experiences that support local communities. Meanwhile, Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach Golf & Spa Resort caters to families with spacious suites and amenities, integrating sustainable practices such as solar energy and recycling programs while providing opportunities for eco-friendly adventures both on land and in the water. These accommodations collectively embody Los Cabos' commitment to sustainable tourism, ensuring a memorable and responsible vacation experience for visitors.

Responsible Eco-Excursions 

Experience sustainable wonders in Los Cabos with eco-conscious tour operators who prioritize minimizing environmental impact while maximizing enjoyment. From guided desert hikes to snorkeling in marine sanctuaries, these operators offer memorable experiences while supporting local conservation efforts. Cabo Adventures demonstrates environmental stewardship through resourceful adventures on land and sea while committing to philanthropic grants for wildlife protection. Cabo Sails specializes in eco-friendly tours like sailing, snorkeling, and whale-watching, with a strong focus on environmental responsibility and pioneering efforts to reduce waste and pollution, demonstrating their unwavering commitment to preserving the local ecosystem.

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Voluntourism Opportunities

Make sure to leave Los Cabos as beautiful as upon arrival by actively contributing to its preservation by supporting local conservation initiatives. Through conservation groups and sustainable local tour operators, like Cabo Private Guide, visitors can take part in beach cleanups, volunteer with marine research organizations, or donate to wildlife rehabilitation centers. Community-based organizations, such as Clean Up BCS, invite both locals and visitors to participate in large-scale cleanup efforts. For instance, their recent event on March 10th successfully gathered over 180 tons of trash, contributing significantly to the restoration of Baja California Sur's pristine environment. Every small action makes a meaningful difference in safeguarding this precious ecosystem for future generations. 

Farm- & Ocean-to-Table Dining

Sample the freshest ingredients sourced from the mountains, fields, and waters surrounding Los Cabos, and support local farmers and fishermen with sustainable dining practices. Seek out eateries prioritizing minimizing food waste, and implementing eco-friendly initiatives such as composting and recycling. Keeping the environment top-of-mind doesn’t mean sacrificing flavor. In Los Cabos, world-class chefs are serving up extraordinary dishes featuring the earth’s offerings that cause minimal environmental impact and ensure healthier oceans. Visitors can tour acres of crops before digging into a meal at a farm-to-table restaurant or learn the true meaning of “catch of the day” at an oceanfront seafood establishment

Discover Los Cabos' sustainability initiatives and join the movement for positive change.