It’s no wonder that the jaw-dropping landscape of Baja California Sur has served as an inspiration to artists and craftsmen for centuries. Modern-day art aficionados have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the region’s rich artistic heritage every Thursday between November and June. The historic San José del Cabo transforms into a bustling haven of handmade pieces and folk art during the weekly evening Art Walk. Held in the historic district of town, San José del Cabo's Art Walk takes visitors on a colorful tour of cobbled streets, colonial architecture, and lush gardens, the perfect backdrop for exploring local art galleries, boutiques, and open-air exhibitions. Read on to learn more about some of the participating galleries:

Galeria de Ida Victoria

The walls of Galeria de Ida Victoria are lined with the artistry of established and emerging contemporary talents from Mexico and beyond. This distinguished fine art gallery entices a compelling fusion of traditional and avant-garde works, showcasing an array of original pieces spanning diverse styles and techniques. Beyond its curated collection of paintings, sculptures, and limited edition prints, the gallery boasts an in-house custom frame studio, dedicated to preserving these artistic treasures with precision and expertise.

Art Walk 2

Patricia Mendoza Gallery

One of the most renowned galleries you'll want to visit is Patricia Mendoza Gallery. Patricia Mendoza is a beloved local artist known for her radiant and evocative paintings. Her gallery, founded in 2008, features a diverse collection of artwork, from richly-hued landscapes to powerful portraits. A visit to her gallery is like a journey through the heart of Baja California, where guests will find paintings, sculptures, serigraphs, and more.

Art Walk 3

Iván Guaderrama Interactive Art Gallery

Creativity knows no bounds at Iván Guaderrama Interactive Art Gallery, offering an immersive experience that transcends conventional art encounters. Breaking the barriers between viewer and artist, this gallery invites active participation, fostering a captivating journey into the realm of interactive and engaging artistic expression. The gallery's dedicated team is passionate about evoking emotion and surprise through interactive art with a mission to connect individuals of all ages with sensory-stimulating works that offer unparalleled experiences. 

Old Town Gallery

Housed within one of the oldest buildings in the area, Old Town Gallery stands as a captivating testament to the region's artistic tapestry, mirroring its vivacious cultural essence. This fine art gallery curates an array of original pieces by esteemed Mexican and international artists, each intimately connected to the allure of Los Cabos — living amidst the desert, mountains, and the enchanting Sea of Cortés. Showcasing a blend of contemporary and traditional artworks, the gallery invites visitors to perceive Mexico "through the eyes of the artist."

Art Walk 4

Galeria Corsica Cabo

Art lovers are exposed to a visual odyssey at Galeria Corsica Cabo, an avant-garde sanctuary curating contemporary artworks. Founded two decades ago, this gallery reshaped the city's art scene, showcasing revered Mexican masters and nurturing emerging talents. With locations in Puerto Vallarta, San José del Cabo, and Punta Mita, Galeria Corsica shines as a premier artistic hub, exhibiting over 50 contemporary Mexican artists from renowned names like Jazzamoart and Juan Soriano to rising stars such as Jovian and Diego Luz. Offering a museum-like experience, Galeria Corsica beckons with a sensory journey akin to Mexico's esteemed art institutions.

La Sacristía

La Sacristía, located inside a restored 19th-century chapel, intertwines art, history, and spirituality into a captivating cultural journey. Home to extraordinary traditional and original Mexican art, the gallery also showcases exclusive contemporary designs in pottery, ceramics, and exquisite silver jewelry crafted by renowned local artists. Specializing in Huichol beaded masks, yarn paintings, ceramics, and striking oil and acrylic artworks, this space offers a glimpse into the region’s rich indigenous artistic heritage. 

Art Walk 5

Insider Tips for Maximizing The Art Walk Experience:

  • Start early: Arriving early offers time to explore the district, secure parking, and visit preferred galleries or artists before the crowds arrive during the Art Walk.
  • Wear comfortable shoes: The Art Walk spans the entire historic district, meaning visitors can expect to do a lot of walking. Make sure to wear comfortable footwear that can traverse cobblestone streets and art-filled galleries.
  • Keep an open mind: Art's subjective nature can unveil a newfound appreciation for styles or mediums previously unexplored.
  • Enjoy the local cuisine: Many galleries offer complimentary refreshments, but don't hesitate to explore the local eateries for a taste of authentic Mexican cuisine.

Art lovers can expand their knowledge of the Baja California Sur art scene with a short drive to Cabo San Lucas. For two decades, the Todos Santos Art Festival has enchanted Cabo San Lucas, blossoming into a vibrant weeklong celebration for families. This cherished event intertwines Mexican culture through live music, dance, theater, art exhibitions, and poetry recitals. In the heart of Cabo San Lucas, the 'Viva La Plaza' art walk animates the town square, honoring the region's history by bearing the name of its first female political figure. A short drive away, Cabo's thriving art scene beckons, notably featuring the works of local artist Yandi Monardo, renowned for captivating sculptures and installations reflecting the area's natural allure and humanity's connection with the environment. His art graces various galleries and events, inviting art enthusiasts to delve deeper into Cabo's artistic tapestry.

Those visiting Los Cabos between November and June should be sure to plan a Thursday evening at the Art Walk. Learn more about the rich cultural experiences available in Los Cabos.