Karla Casillas, founder of Karla Casillas & Co., embodies the spirit of resilience and determination. Her journey into the world of wedding planning and design was sparked by a deep-seated passion for creating unforgettable moments and an appreciation for intricate details. Drawn to the beauty and joy of weddings, she embarked on a career path that allowed her to turn dreams into reality for countless couples.Karla 1

In 2003, Karla founded her own company, initially focusing on wedding planning with the stunning backdrop of Los Cabos setting the stage for her events. With its natural beauty and warm hospitality, the destination serves as the perfect backdrop for Karla's business and weddings alike, offering stunning landscapes and world-class amenities for couples seeking a luxury-adventure blend for their destination wedding. What began as a small venture soon flourished into a full-service wedding and event planning enterprise. Her company has since expanded, now offering couples the opportunity to celebrate their union in breathtaking locations around the world.

Karla 2At the heart of Karla's work lies a profound love for what she does. The opportunity to play a role in such significant moments in people's lives brings her immense joy and fulfillment. Whether witnessing the exchange of vows or collaborating with couples to design their perfect day, Karla approaches each project with renewed passion and creativity. Her success is a testament to her team's strength—a group of about 120 talented professionals who work tirelessly to ensure every wedding and event exceeds expectations, bringing Karla's vision of unforgettable experiences to life for their clients. Throughout her career, Karla has witnessed the evolution of the wedding industry, embracing changes driven by technology and social media while maintaining a focus on personalized, unique experiences that reflect each couple's individuality.

In addition to running her own company, Karla also serves as the President of AFEET Baja California Sur, the local chapter of Mexico’s Women's Association of Executives of Tourism Companies. AFEET leads executive women in promoting tourism activity globally, strengthening commercial links throughout the value chain with commitment, dedication, and passion. Karla is committed to empowering women in the tourism industry and promoting sustainability practices. Through her leadership, she aims to highlight the significant contributions of businesswomen to the region's thriving tourism sector.

Looking to the future, Karla envisions continued growth and innovation for her company. She plans to expand destination offerings, broaden services to include other special events and remain steadfast in her commitment to excellence. 

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