In the heart of Los Cabos, a burgeoning community of female entrepreneurs is making waves, shaping the local landscape with their creativity, passion, and dedication. From bespoke hat studios to curated gift emporiums, here's a glimpse into the vibrant world of women-owned businesses in this Mexican paradise.

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Corazón Playero

Founded in 2018 by Isabel Andrade, Corazón Playero is more than just a hat studio—it's a celebration of wearable art crafted with love. The hobby of a stay-at-home mom blossomed into a thriving business rooted in empowering local artisans. With an all-female Mexican team, Corazón Playero not only creates stunning customized hats but also fosters a community of empowerment and creativity. Customers can choose to book private appointments at the studio in Los Cabos or host hat parties to create exquisite, personalized accessories with friends and family.

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Karla Casillas & Co. and The Main Event Cabo

Leading the way in event design and coordination, Karla Casillas & Co. boasts over two decades of expertise under the leadership of Karla Casillas herself. Supported by a team of 100+ professionals, Karla offers comprehensive services from venue selection to complete event coordination. Collaborating closely with sister brand, The Main Event Cabo, Karla delivers flawless event experiences, recognized in prestigious media outlets and industry memberships. The company’s dedication to inclusivity, diversity, and sustainability was recognized in 2023 when they were named a Competent Company in Sustainable Romance Tourism by the Secretary of Tourism of the Government of Mexico.

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Cabo Gifts

For over a decade, Cabo Gifts has been synonymous with thoughtful gestures and heartfelt connections. Founded by a dynamic team of women, this multigenerational business specializes in curated gifts that leave lasting impressions. Cabo Gifts sources flowers, balloons, wine, and spirits for one-of-a-kind gift boxes.

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Flora Farms

Flora Farms is a testament to the breathtaking beauty of Los Cabos as well as the visionary spirit of Gloria Wallace and Patrick Greene. Gloria, a Los Angeles ex-pat, hosted popular farm-to-table cooking classes at her restaurant in town before deciding to bring the restaurant to the farm, instead. Still offering cooking classes, the farm and restaurant are the setting for exclusive events and celebrity weddings; but also as a cherished community hub supporting local farmers and hosting movie nights, holiday programming, and pet adoptions.

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Santo Cabo

At Santo Cabo, the journey to wellness begins with a single step—and a dash of indulgence. Co-founded by Anastasia Grahn, Santo Cabo is a haven for those seeking natural products that nourish both body and soul. From homemade soaps to artisanal lotions, each product is crafted with care and curated with a commitment to quality. With a focus on pure, concentrated ingredients sourced from the region, Santo Cabo invites guests of its flagship shop, located within Flora Farms, to embrace a lifestyle rooted in authenticity and holistic well-being.

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Patricia Mendoza Art Gallery

In the heart of San José del Cabo's Gallery District lies a treasure trove of artistic expression—the Patricia Mendoza Art Gallery. Founded by its namesake, Patricia Mendoza, this cultural oasis celebrates the rich tapestry of Mexican artistry, from fine art to indigenous crafts. Through curated exhibitions and immersive events like "Art to Table," Patricia Mendoza Art Gallery bridges the gap between artists and admirers, fostering a deeper appreciation for creativity and community.

In Los Cabos, the entrepreneurial spirit knows no bounds, fueled by a passion for creativity, a commitment to craftsmanship, and a reverence for tradition. As these women-owned businesses continue to thrive and inspire, they remind us that the true essence of luxury lies in the stories we share and the connections we cultivate.