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Los Cabos

Coronavirus Statement

Real-time updates of COVID-19 cases in Baja California Sur can be found here: The health and safety of our visitors is our top priority and special protocols to contain the virus have been implemented. Some of the actions taken in Los Cabos to avoid the…

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Los Cabos Awaits Your Return

Updated on 4/14/20 Los Cabos has often been defined by the beauty of our desert by the sea and the remoteness of our physical place. Also, our resilience. It can be seen in the passion of our people and their desire to provide our guests with impeccable service, warmth and the feeling of…

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Cabo’s Most Underrated Day Trips

One of the things that sets Los Cabos apart from many luxurious resort towns is its easy accessibility to surrounding history and culture. Baja California Sur is often an overlooked cultural hub of Mexico and visiting these local towns is an essential part of the Los Cabos experience. While…

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The Best Resorts for Your Honeymoon in Los Cabos

Honeymooning in Los Cabos is a popular choice for couples from all over the world. With sumptuous resorts, year-long sunshine, tasty Mexican food and a wide range of activities to engage with, who wouldn’t dream of spending their first few weeks of marriage in this Baja Sur California paradise…

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Cabo Pulmo: Los Cabos’ Hidden Gem

The beauty of Los Cabos goes beyond what you can see on land. Venture to Cabo Pulmo, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and explore the depths of Los Cabos’ beauty beneath the surface. Cabo Pulmo is a two-hour drive from San Jose del Cabo and is well worth the trip. Coast along the Pacific Ocean…

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Flavors of The Baja Way

A culinary journey in Los Cabos is just the beginning. Discover some of the best dining experiences in the Los Cabos region that range from casual bites to upscale epicurean experiences. Casual Favorites Las Cazuelas del Don in San Jose del Cabo For a taste of local cuisine at a great…

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Fun Starts at the Cabo San Lucas Marina

The Cabo San Lucas Marina is always buzzing with excitement. Here, you’ll find a variety of restaurants, luxury shops and a lively nightlife scene. Credit: @brandao_levir on Instagram Perched at the water’s edge, the Cabo San Lucas Marina has it all. Whether you’re looking to browse a…

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Cheers to Los Cabos

Looking for a lively evening drink or interested in sampling cocktails from rooftop bar to the next? No matter what suits your fancy, Los Cabos’ nightlife has something for everyone with exceptional views to match. When the sun sets in Los Cabos, rooftop bars, local breweries and chic beach…

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