Art to table

This special tour is an immersion in art, amongst brush strokes and lines traced with the dinner ingredients. With an approximate duration of 5 hours, this experience includes a visit to the painter Leonora Carrington’s corridor in Puerto Los Cabos and a unique “Art To Table” session at one of Los Cabos most delicious restaurant.

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4:30 PM

As scheduled with the concierge of your hotel, your driver will arrive at the time indicated. The assigned driver will welcome you to your experience and will support you in any particular needs that may arise during the journey. The transport unit has all the elements of security and comfort needed for your peace of mind. Models can vary according to group size.

A 35 minute journey will take you yo to San José Viejo, where the Art To Table encounter will take place. After parking take a 10-minute walk to the historic center through narrow streets full of colorful papel picado and beautiful Mexican facades that connect to the heart of the main square like veins. Jump back into the car afterwards, cross the bridge to the new San José until you reach the gates of Puerto Los Cabos.


5:30 PM

We will take you to a beautiful yacht. Inside, a finely decorated table and glasses of Champagne awaits. The canapés arrive and a melody is heard in the background. No need to worry, the yacht will remain anchored all the time. Think of it as your floating luxury living room.

Outside is a promenade with an approximate length of 600 meters bordering the marina. On it you’ll find 15 bronze sculptures and 50 screens representing the life and work of surrealist painter Leonora Carrington. You will be accompanied by a guide for the 40 minutes scheduled for this stage of the tour. The guide will share details about this important painter adopted by Mexico.


Minimum of 16 °C (61 °F) and Max. 24 °C (75 °F)


Comfortable shoes, light jacket and hat.

6:40 PM

You will cross the bridge back by car back to San José del Cabo until you make it to La Revolución restaurant. Its decoration and contemporary style will call your attention the second you enter. You will be greeted by the manager and directed to the back of the restaurant, to the Dalton Gin Bar.

A palette, acrylics and brushes have been placed on a small table. On the side a canvas, still unpainted, rests on an easel. The waiter offers you the “Mezcal Revolución” drink made from mezcal brought from states with the proper regional denominations such as Oaxaca.

In front of your chair you will find the tasting menu. Funny thing, it is practically blank. Suddenly Walton appears and welcomes you to the home of Art to Table. Briefly he will share his life, his passion for painting, how it is he came to San José and why he chose surrealism as his inspiration.

Minutes later enters Alex, the head chef at La Revolución. He greets everyone and also shares a little about his story, why he chose gastronomy as a profession, what inspires him when it comes to conceiving an author’s dish and some anecdotes of life in San José del Cabo.

What you will listen and witness next will entertain you but, above all, surprise you. Walton will take a brush, the palette and check the colors in each paint tube. Alex will not know the ingredients that have been placed inside the small containers resting on a palm basket. This will be an artistic duet: Walton will create a four-course tasting menu inspired by 10 strokes in five different tones.

After the tenth stroke, inspired by the sunset and the colors around him, Chef Alex will relay Walton and interpret the work with the ingredients inside the basket. Without hesitation, he will take control of the kitchen and begin the preparation of your meal. Each dish will be accompanied by the best Mexican wine from Valle de Guadalupe, a region north of the peninsula.

One by one the dishes will arrive at your table. The Chef will explain the reasons behind each dish guided by Walton’s strokes. For the next ninety minutes an amazing atmosphere, the Mexican warmth, the smile and the collaboration between Walton and Alex, plus a good glass of wine, will be the main ingredients to create this great moment.


La Revolucion

9:00 PM

It’s time to wrap up the evening. There are no goodbyes, rather a see you soon back again at the table of La Revolución. Outside your driver will be waiting to take you to the entrance of your hotel, so you can digest every moment where art was the protagonist of a unique experience in Cabo San Lucas. We are sure this one will remain forever imprinted on the canvas of your memory.



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  • Pick up and return to hotel
  • Food and drinks
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