Beyond The Bridge

San José del Cabo is an experience in itself. A city that will build a bridge straight to the heart, with its historical buildings, artistic corridors, exquisite gastronomic proposals and vibrant nights. Experience San José by foot at a leisurely pace that allows you to appreciate the details, the luxury. This 7-hour experience includes a reception at Marina Puerto Los Cabos; tour and dinner at Huerta Los Tamarindos and a mezcal tasting in the mezcaloteca of the Hotel Acre. If it’s Wednesday, you can expect to wrap up this magical evening with the nocturnal show in Wirikuta.

3:00 PM

As scheduled with the concierge of your hotel, your “San José behind the bridge” tour will begin at 3 PM sharp. Your vehicle will pick you up on the dot. Characteristics of the unit will vary according to the size of the group, but safety and comfort are 100% guaranteed during your experience.

The first stop will be the Marina of San José del Cabo. It’s a 35-minute ride. Once at the entrance of the Marina, your vehicle will park and wait until you finish this first activity, which should take about an hour.

3:45 PM

A guide will receive you, take you through the access door and invite you to walk along the promenade towards the docks. On your right side a surrealist sculpture stands guard. You’ve reached the starting point of your Art Walk in San José del Cabo.

As you move forward you will reach an impressive yacht. Inside, a finely decorated table and glasses of Champagne awaits. The canapés arrive and a melody is heard in the background. No need to worry, the yacht will remain anchored all the time. Think of it as your floating luxury living room.

With a drink in hand, you can start your tour pleasantly by the promenade, with an approximate length of 600 meters, that borders the marina. On it you’ll find a permanent exhibition composed by 15 bronze sculptures and 50 screens representing the life and work of surrealist painter Leonora Carrington.


Minimum of 16 °C (61 °F) and Max. 24 °C (75 °F)


Comfortable shoes, jacket and a hat.

5:00 PM

Make your way back to your vehicle and head off to your next appointment at Huerta de Los Tamarindos. This site is located on a field in the area of ​​the San José estuary, near the streams where water flows during the rainy season. Getting there involves a small section of dirt roads.

Huerta de Los Tamarindos is 100% organic. The farm is five hectares wide and dedicated to planting 120 varieties of vegetables, without the use of pesticides or fertilizers. During this experience you will gather the ingredients that will be prepared with your food. It is a “farm to table” experience.

This will be a unique gastronomic experience. The restaurant was created within the remains of a 1888 construction, you can feel history calling from every detail. Chef Enrique Silva will welcome you and explain a little about the vegetables and herbs planted. You will walk through the grooves enjoying the colors, textures and aromas of the products on the fields. After your personal harvest, you will move onto a beautiful terrace built with stone walls and wooden ceilings, where you will deliver the products chosen for your future dinner. This is where the chef will jump into action, preparing your dishes in a style known as “free cooking”. Of course amazing wines from el Valle de Guadalupe will flow at your table in the form of a blind tasting that will teach you a bit about the wine culture. By the time dinner arrives, the experience from the garden to your table, the splendid company and the evening itself will make this experience a perfect one.

Gina Ryan Photography - Acre 2017

7:10 PM

Return to you car and head to a new destination: Hotel Acre just 5 minutes away. You will sense its mysterious environment from the moment you enter the place. You will descend and walk towards the tree groves, guided by a path signaled by blocks of stones and lights on the trees.

Hotel Acre is a striking project, built with local materials to preserve its rustic aesthetics, without skimping on luxuries for the comfort of its guests. But your destiny is inside the place, in the Mezcaloteca. This space next to the bar showcases the production process of distillates and organizes tastings like the one you are about to experience.

The Mezcallier, expert in mezcales, will begin the tasting. You will learn the difference between mezcal and tequila, as well as details about the artisanal process held in the fields. You will taste the distillates of different regions with proper Designation of Origin and find in their notes the differences attributed to their geographies and the style imprinted by the Maestros Mezcaleros that created them.


All year round (except on rainy days)

  • Luxury vehicle transportation with capacity for up to 12 passengers
  • Driver and professional guide
  • Pick up and return to hotel
  • Food and drinks
  • Tips

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