Farm to table

Enjoy an authentic farm to table experience in Miraflores. This 6-hour trip includes a walk through the orchards and your own gathering of the ingredients that will be used for your country dinner at the Tiki Cabo Garden; as well as a blind tasting of peninsular wines and an evening under the starry night which can be ideal for couples.

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4:00 PM

At the scheduled time, your driver will wait for you to take you to Miraflores, a small agricultural community located in Cabo del Este, a 32 kilometer drive from the Los Cabos International Airport. You can rely on the service of a professional driver within a secure and comfortable unit equipped for your peace of mind. The vehicle model may vary according to the size of the group.

Experience full-on contact with mother earth, its roots await you. You will explore the garden that produces all the goods later used for all dishes made there: 100% organic and honest products, grown without the use of any fertilizers or pesticides.

5:05 PM

As you car drives on you can enjoy the beautiful landscape outside your window. The picturesque parish of Miraflores and the colorful chorizo ​​and machaca workshops. When in season, you can also appreciate the pitahayas surging from the cardones, the sweet red buttons that are the main attraction of the Pitaya Festival. Also, the basil of the region is known for its sweet flavor, so do not forget to stock up on this herb for your kitchen.

After a 5 minute drive through a dirt road, you will arrive at the door of Huerto Tiki Cabo. Your driver will wait for you until the end of your experience.

Walk through the fields with the blue sky above you, breathe in the fresh air while you enjoy a spectacular view of the Sierra de La Laguna. At the orchard an agricultural guide will welcome you with a glass of refreshing champagne to help quench the heat. Moving on, your guide will walk you through the furrows and orchards that source 100% organic ingredients for restaurants such as the Hilton, Esperanza, Gran Velas, JW Marriot, Ventanas del Paraíso, Solaz and many others in Cabo San Lucas.


Minimum of 16 °C (61 °F) and Max. 24 °C (75 °F)


Comfortable shoes, jacket and a hat.

5:30 PM

This agricultural field, 12 hectares in total, has been for over 25 years dedicated to the cultivation of vegetables such as chili, tomato, beet, eggplant, pumpkin, edible flowers, delicatessen roots like celery root and parsnip, and greens like arugula and mizuna. Other relevant products include “baby” vegetables or mini-vegetables such as white, yellow, purple and orange carrots.

Your host will give you a palm hat, gloves, a shovel and a wicker basket for your gathering experience in the orchard. Gilberto Verdugo, in charge of the operation of the garden, and chef Sergio de la Peña, both originally from Miraflores, will give an introductory explanation and guide you through the crops and their harvest. With your own hands you will pick every product from the root; don’t forget to pay special attention to aromas and textures. Fill your basket with chilies and ripe melons, as well as herbs and aromatics spices freshly cut from the greenhouse. Remember, you will only eat what the earth around you produces.

6:10 PM

While the vegetables are being cleaned and dinner is prepared, we invite you to join a finely arranged table next to the garden. A sommelier will impart a blind tasting. This sensory experience will consist of exploring two California wines and two from Valle de Guadalupe. Test your senses: smell, sight and taste. Submerge yourself into this amazing introduction of the world of wines. 

With this newly acquired knowledge you will decide which wine to fill your glass with and pair your self-harvested dinner.

6:30 PM

With the sunset on the horizon, glass of wine in hand and a fine musical selection playing in the background, your evening still holds a surprise from the kitchen. The first entrée created by the chef will present the ingredients that you picked in the garden. Splendid dishes will arrive at your table. Goatfish ceviche with mint, vinegar and citrus, wood-roasted vegetables, or firewood chicken with sweet herbs attest to the organic sourcing of the ingredients.

8:00 PM

After this spectacular dinner in the countryside, the guide will invite you to walk along a path marked by lit torches and make your way to a set up with lounge chairs. Next to them, the mezquite will feed the fire to frighten off the cold. It will be an intimate moment to enjoy under the stars, accompanied by a plate of local cheeses, good wine and, most importantly, that special person by your side. Finalize your evening heading back to you car. You’ll be taken back directly to the front door of your hotel. Rest peacefully and savour this new and unforgettable memory of your trip to Cabo San Lucas.


All year round (except on rainy days)

  • Luxury vehicle transportation with capacity for up to 12 passengers
  • Driver and professional guide
  • Pick up and return to hotel
  • Food and drinks
  • Tip

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