Meet the locals

Every great city is best known for its people and San José del Cabo is no exception. This 7-hour tour includes a session with the Coffee Lab barista; a craft beer tasting at Boutique Hotel Drift; a tour of jewelry workshops and a luxury BajaMed dinner at Casa San José 23400.

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9:30 to 10:15 AM

As scheduled with your concierge, at exactly 9:30 hrs, your vehicle will be waiting for you at the entrance of your hotel. You can rely on the service of a professional driver within a secure and comfortable unit equipped for your peace of mind. The vehicle model may vary according to the size of the group. San José del Cabo is 30 minutes away.

The right thing to do is to begin this experience with a good cup of coffee. In old-school San José, you will meet with Gerry Rivero, Coffee Lab barista, who will tell you all about the origins of his grains, the toasting process and the aroma of your drink. Apart from the coffee bar and terrace, an adjoining gallery used as a multi-purpose cultural space has been added.

Your meeting with the barista will be a sensory workshop. Gerry will offer you several varieties of coffee from Oaxaca, Veracruz and Chiapas. Each one has its own characteristics, the toasting process adds flavor and body, releasing notes of caramel, chocolate and citrus fruits. Follow a demonstration of different ways to prepare coffee: drip method, Chemex or the classic bag, learn how each one develops different unique characteristics of the coffee grains.

11:00 AM

This is just the beginning. Next up you’ll be meeting Kristian Sandoval, our host “choyero” – a popular nickname for the natives of Baja California Sur. Kristian will direct the group to Helados 3R (Rescue, Rehabilitate, Release), a boutique ice cream parlor owned by Jaime Bernal, who, in addition to offering premium ice cream, is a relentless conservationist and protector of marine animals.

You will continue walking with Kristian, he is a local entrepreneur and an active member of social welfare organizations. He will guide you through history, from prehistoric times to the first steps of the pericúes and guaycuras nomads, passing through the stage of the Jesuit missionaries responsible for founding missions like the San José Mission, the same one that you will be simultaneously looking at in front of San Jose’s main square.

Inside the Hotel El Encanto Inn you will taste the typical Damiana liquor, to which aphrodisiac powers are attributed. The walkthrough will continue towards multiple art galleries and artist workshops that belong to those that have made San Jose their home. Around this time of day it might start getting a bit hot, the perfect moment to visit our local contact at the Drift boutique hotel.

Kristian tour guide

12:00 PM

Eduardo Aguilar is as passionate about San José as he is about craft beer. You will be directed towards an intimate space within the hotel. You can cool off with a glass of Baja craft beer or, if you’re curious, a shot of Damiana liquor. Eduardo will talk about the beer movement, the crafting process and will also offer a tasting to teach you the different styles of beer. Likewise, he will talk about the taco, the tradition of the local markets and the culinary livelihood of the city.

12:40 PM

Continue your walkthrough. The presence of jewelry workshops will become evident, you will run into multiple designs in gold and silver. There is no doubt that unique and handmade pieces are crafted here. You will get to know the history of the Sanchez family, all the siblings have inherited the jeweler’s trade from a family lineage that goes all the way back to the traditional city of Taxco in the state of Guerrero. Visit Eduardo’s workshop, for him the jewels he creates are expressions of love, beauty and sensuality. You will also visit the workshop of Jesus and Cecilia Luna, who work with opal jewelry, also known as Mexican fire. If any design catches your attention feel free to ask and, why not, take home a unique piece that will make you feel special and will forever remind you of Los Cabos.

2:00 PM


Your next host will be chef Ulises González at restaurant Casa San José 23400. He is passionate about cooking, music and painting, a discipline from which he has taken inspiration to approach each dish as a new canvas for his culinary creations. Ulises describes his style as “cooking without borders”. With fresh local products, chef Ulises prepares what he calls “the handsome men of the house”: a tuna tartare or an avocado tartar with tuna. At your table there will be good wine to pair with your food; labels brought from the Valle de Guadalupe will top this sensory experience.

Ulises will tell you about the culinary experiences he enjoys with his colleagues, creating new proposals involving four sets of hands and inspiring his dishes through local art… a true story of the “Art to Table” kind.

3:30 PM

After a spectacular experience, you will make your way back to your hotel. With newly acquired friends, farewells will become “see you soon”. Your driver will drop you off at your hotel’s front door; recount the day’s experiences and the new friends that you now share in this new home called Cabo San Lucas.



All year long (except on rainy days)

  • Luxury vehicle transportation with capacity for up to 12 passengers
  • Driver and professional guide
  • Pick up and return to hotel
  • Food and drinks
  • Tips


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