Mountain Biking + Glamping 

This experience is perfect for extreme sport and nature lovers. You will get to experience the thrill of mountain biking and stay in glamping-style accommodations that will allow you to enjoy the Southern California nights at their fullest. A 10-hour long trip includes transportation to the Rancho Cacachilas where a network of trails has been designed for mountain biking and hiking; a three-day stay in a glamping-style luxury tent, transportation back to the pleasures of civilization in Todos Santos, and finally your safe return directly to the front door of your hotel in Cabo San Lucas.

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7 AM

As scheduled with your concierge, your transportation will wait for you promptly at 7 AM outside your hotel. Characteristics of the unit will vary according to the size of the group, but safety and comfort are 100% guaranteed during your experience. Also all the necessary gadgets to transport your mountain bike and/or the equipment rented in advance will be provided. Your will begin your journey headed in the direction of Rancho Cacachilas, with a rest stop in Todos Santos.

After stretching your legs in the Magic Town of Todos Santos, it’s time to jump back into the car and take the No.19 road towards the town of El Triunfo. It is a 74-kilometer long journey with a scheduled stop for a traditional lunch at El Minero restaurant.

Afterwards you’ll continue southeast on Highway No. 1, towards San Antonio, for approximately 40 minutes and then turn towards San Juan de los Planes through a dirt road. Witness that the geography of your next adventure begins here. Our final destination is Rancho Cacachilas, the property has been enabled with trails for the practice of mountain biking and hiking.

Mountain Bikers

9:00 AM

You have arrived. Don Francisco, your host, will greet you at the entrance of the ranch. While they bring down your luggage and sports equipment, you will receive a typical drink made from desert fruits grown in the region. This property is a ranch made up of several smaller ranches, and amongst all they maintain a series of trails for the practice of mountain biking and hiking. Your lodging will be in Rancho Chivato, with striking views of Sierra Cacachilas, the Sea of ​​Cortez and the Cerralvo Island. A community room, a multipurpose palapa and a small pool are available for you to use.

Your accommodation will consist of a luxury tent with all the amenities necessary for a well deserved rest; experience the glamping concept in the middle of the desert. On your bed you will find a dossier with general information about the ranch, a detailed description of what each daily ride will be like, a map of the trails and departure times. You can accommodate your luggage and check your sports equipment for the scheduled ride the next morning.

People Hiking

7:30 AM - Day 1

As the sun rises, breakfast designed with your next adventure in mind, will be served. We have created a menu for cycling athletes that includes fruit, grains, cheese and carbohydrates, as well as juices with the best ingredients that will help you perform better and hold greater energy levels during your upcoming activities. Breakfast of champions.

After breakfast, equipment needs to be properly checked. Each part will be review thoroughly, making sure that they meet all security requirements for your protection. The team will gather around to review the map and the different aspects of the route; each stage, number of kilometers, degree of difficulty and details concerning the environment you are about to enter.

There are classic trails such as the 9.9 km Agua Blanca trail with an ascending slope of approximately 300 meters. The Salto trail consists of a route of 11.9 kilometers that runs through a section of the Sierra de Cacachilas. There are other trails with their own characteristics that you can visit during your stay. After each day’s trail a meal will be served in the dining room. Once the day unwinds, you will rest peacefully surrounded by the sounds and sights of a spectacular starry night in your glamping tent.

9:45 AM to 6:00 PM - Day 3

After three days full of extreme sports and energy loaded meals, the relaxation stage follows. We will load the vehicles with suitcases, bicycles and equipment and head out of the Sierra de Cacachilas back to El Triunfo. In the town we will do a brief tour of the history of the community and enjoy a well-deserved craft beer in El Minero.

Pitcher of Beer at El Minero

6:30 PM

After a short trip back, a lovely table waits for you in El Mirador. The plan is just to enjoy the sunset with an ad hoc “Mezcal Sunset” prepared by a pro mixologist. With this final stop you have concluded this glamorous adventure in Baja California Sur.


All year round (except on rainy days)

  • Luxury vehicle transportation with capacity for up to 12 passengers
  • Driver and professional guide
  • Pick up and return to hotel
  • Food and drinks
  • Tips

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