Todos Santos

Travel in time and explore Todos Santos; one of the most picturesque villages of Baja California Sur. This 10-hour tour begins at the entrance of your hotel and includes: transport to Todos Santos so you can tap into its history and get a chance to talk face to face with the local artists in their studios and galleries; a BajaMed meal at Jazamango; and a final stop at sunset for a breathtaking view of the sea from the bar of the Hotel San Cristóbal. You will be brought back in awe to Cabo San Lucas.

9:30 AM

As scheduled with the concierge of your hotel, your driver will arrive with the car selected to take you to the magic town of Todos Santos. There are several options of car models available depending on the number of passengers, make sure you point this out when you book your experience. We suggest having a light breakfast before starting your journey on the no.19 road.

It takes about 50 minutes to cruise through the 85-kilometer scenic road to Todos Santos. You will enjoy spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean. Your driver, attentive but discreet, can assist any last minute questions about the experience and share curious facts regarding the history and culture of the area.

Notice the entrance to Todos Santos, its cobbled streets and colonial architecture immersed within an atmosphere that combines desert and tropical vegetation, a particular characteristic due to the fact that the town was founded right on the Tropic of Cancer.

10:45 AM

Todos Santos is home to artists, surfers, and creative adventurous minds both local and foreign. The town invites you to explore its streets and discover its secrets block by block. You will walk to Workshop 17, where the sweet aroma of freshly ground coffee will receive you with open arms. Drinking a great cup of coffee in this place, decorated with a fine and simple style, is a must.

Right next to Taller 17 there is an art gallery where you can talk with local artist Arturo Mendoza, whom is always up for a good chat. Like him, there are several artisans – such as Rubén Gutiérrez from Galería Manos Mexicanas – painters and sculptors who own workshops and galleries that bring that magical touch to the city. Your tour of the town will be an authentic Art Walk!

At Tre Galline we will stop to freshen up with a natural drink or an Italian white wine. Here, Magda and Angelo, natives of northern Italy, will be our hosts. We suggest you get a snack while you digest the beauty of the place. After a this break we will continue the walkthrough without haste; onto the mythical Hotel California, the main square, historical temple and other wonderful buildings with their own story to tell.

Hotel California

2:20 PM

Time to eat! Hop into your car and the driver will take you to Jazamango, a country restaurant just 5 minutes from downtown Todos Santos. The menu is composed of  BajaMed style dishes promoted by Chef Javier Plascencia. At Jazamango flavors are created from the heart by combining the best ingredients mother earth has to offer and preparing them with passion.

You will crave everything on the menu. Each dish is prepared based on products from the restaurant’s own organic garden and/or purchased from local producers. The fish, sheep, piglet, cheese, goat, scallops and sea urchins are part of a menu mainly cooked on firewood by a team of pros trained to give every single dish the style that chef Javier would himself.

Dishes on the menu depend on seasonal ingredients, so lets hope you get lucky and have the Punta Lobos tuna crudo, the bone marrow or the chicken pâté as entrées. The garden salad is highly recommend, as are the lamb tacos, rib tacos cooked on firewood and the amazing octopus sopes.

As for drinks, you can try the best brands of craft beer in the region or if you’d rather have something else go for a sangria or their famous mojito which will help lower the temperature and give you a good groove. If you have a sweet tooth then don’t miss the cast tamale with strawberry or a roasted elote that is to die for.

todos santos desert landscape

5:10 PM

Before heading back to your hotel, you will enjoy some free time to finish your walkthrough and explore Todos Santos on your own. On your way back, before you reach Los Cabos, there is one last stop not to be missed. You’ll take a detour on a dirt road towards the sea until through which you will reach the entrance of the Hotel San Cristóbal.

Arrive at sunset, on the horizon you will see Punta de Lobos with the Pacific Ocean as the background. Make your way through this beautiful hotel to the bar next to a divine pool. The mixologist will prepare a Mezcal Sunset, very ad hoc for the occasion and made with mezcal brought from the producing states with a designation of origin. Enjoy a moment of peace. Let your eyes and soul rejoice with the view of the sea and the great spectacle that the sky offers with its changing tonalities: from pink to orange that yield to subtle hints of blue until it reaches the dark void.

As the night comes make your way back home. You will be dropped off at the front door of you hotel having lived a journey through time. Welcome back to your fantastic present, enjoy the pleasures that are left to explore during your stay in Cabo San Lucas.


All year long

  • Luxury vehicle transportation with capacity for up to 12 passengers
  • Driver and professional guide
  • Pick up and return to hotel
  • Food and drinks
  • Tips

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