See an iconic landmark from a new point of view.

El Arco

Seeing El Arco is a must on a getaway to Los Cabos. It’s not just a unique land formation; it’s a symbol of the strength and resilience of Los Cabos over the years and a reminder to be fortunate for where you are. On your next trip to Land’s End, try seeing El Arco from a new perspective. Here are four different ways you can take in this Los Cabos legend.

Sail at Sunset
Imagine being on the open water, lit by the mellow oranges and pinks of a Los Cabos sunset as you look out at El Arco, drink in hand. There may not be a more romantic way to see this iconic landmark (though, keep reading because we may top it). Cabo Sailing offers many sailboat and yacht tours that are sure to all include a cruise by El Arco.

See It From Underwater
For the more adventurous traveler, there are snorkeling and scuba tours that will let you see El Arco from underneath the surface of the ocean. Companies including Cabo Sailing and Rancho Tours will guide you to the waters near the landmark and help you point out angelfish, purple surgeonfish, long-spine porcupinefish and more marine life in the area.

Kayak to Lovers Beach
Romance is in the name. Lovers Beach, or Playa del Amor, is a small secluded beach that requires a kayak, paddleboard or water taxi to reach it. There are guided tours that can take you there, but you can also rent your own kayak, bring a small picnic and have a pleasant day on Lovers Beach with El Arco within arm’s reach. Just don’t cross over to Divorce Beach on the Pacific Ocean side, as those waters are too dangerous to swim in.

Combine a Few Experiences
For something that isn’t as exclusive as sunset sailing or adventurous as snorkeling, you can take a glass-bottom boat out to see El Arco and the surrounding rock formations. Consider it the best of both worlds – you get the ease of a boat tour, plus you can see all the marine life of a scuba tour without getting wet. This is also a good option for a jam-packed schedule, as these tours are shorter and let you enjoy more of Los Cabos on the same day.