This easy guide will help you prepare for your getaway.

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With the desert, mountains and sea, plus our vibrant cities, packing for a trip to Los Cabos isn’t always the simplest task. Follow along our brief guide, and we’ll share the essentials and some good things to know for your stay.

The Essentials
While no two suitcases are packed alike, no matter what you’re doing in Los Cabos, you’re definitely going to need your passport and Mexican Tourist Card, which you’ll receive on the plane. Fill it out and stash it somewhere safe, because you’ll need it in order to leave Mexico. Los Cabos is a hot and sunny destination, so you’ll also want reef-safe sunscreen, swimwear and maybe a hat or two. And to stay extra prepared, bring comfortable walking shoes for sightseeing and a light jacket for breezy nights and air-conditioned resorts and restaurants.

The Style
Los Cabos is a laid-back beach paradise with elevated style. Bring plenty of swimwear and cover-ups so you can easily transition from the pool or beach to a restaurant or a stroll around town. During the day, sundresses, shorts, and shirts with breathable fabric are great to wear. At night, you may want something more stylish for certain resorts, restaurants and bars, so you may want to pack dressier outfits as well. Guys will generally feel comfortable with a collared shirt and cotton shorts, but a nice pair of pants would also be good to bring. Lastly, the nightlife is definitely not to be missed, so don’t forget to pack your dancing shoes.

The Occasion
There are so many ways to enjoy Los Cabos. Make a plan before you leave so you can be sure to come prepared. Take a look at some itineraries for ideas on what you may want to do while you’re here. If you plan on hiking, bring your hiking boots and a small pack for water and sunscreen. Avid golfers will want to bring their clubs and take advantage of the area’s championship golf courses. Campers and glampers may want to bring some pants and a light jacket for desert nights. If you’re going to be on the beach or on a boat, a waterproof phone case or bag will help keep your electronics dry and sand-free.

Don’t stress when packing for your trip. If you happen to forget something, there are plenty of shops and helpful locals to find what you need. Just plan your activities ahead of time and don’t forget the essentials.