Virtuoso... A proud partner of Los Cabos


Virtuoso holds significant importance for Los Cabos as it plays a crucial role in promoting and enhancing the region's luxury travel industry. As a leading global network of luxury travel advisors, Virtuoso offers exclusive access to high-end accommodations, unique experiences, and personalized services that cater to discerning travelers. By partnering with Virtuoso, Los Cabos gains access to a vast network of affluent travelers and travel advisors who seek exceptional and unforgettable experiences. This exposure not only boosts tourism in the region but also elevates its reputation as a premier luxury destination. Furthermore, Virtuoso's commitment to sustainability and responsible travel aligns well with Los Cabos' efforts to preserve its natural beauty and cultural heritage, ensuring a harmonious and sustainable growth in the luxury travel sector.

Los Cabos Tourism Awarded “Best Tourism Office” in Virtuoso Travel Week 2022

Travel agents from around the world voted Los Cabos Tourism as the world’s “Best Tourism Office” at Virtuoso Travel Week 2022 in Las Vegas. The annual event, hosted by Virtuoso, the world’s top luxury travel network, brings together thousands of luxury... Learn More

Los Cabos Starts the Year with 11 Virtuoso Preferred Properties

Chileno Bay Resort & Residences and Solaz, a Luxury Collection Resort, Accepted Into the Virtuoso Hotel Program Positioning Los Cabos as a Leading Luxury Destination with the Largest Number of Preferred Properties LOS CABOS, Mexico, February 18, 2021 – Los Cabos... Learn More