Go loco for these top 3 authentic and necessary experiences to get a sense of life in Los Cabos.

Rancho Carisuva Rancho Carisuva, an ideal Mexican ranch is a great way to learn about the authenticity of life in Los Cabos. Discover ocean side cliffs, lush desert ranges, untouched beaches and canyon trails on horseback or alongside a friendly Mexican donkey.

The experience also includes hanging out at the ranch to see how and where locals live as well as the chance to make friends with horses and goats/. If you are looking for something a little more challenging and exciting, Rancho Carisuva also offers the chance to ride an ATV amongst 20 foot high cacti with incredible views over the Pacific Ocean.

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Flora Farms Nestled in the foothills of the Sierra de la Laguna mountains lies a 25 acre organic working farm delivering authentic Mexican cuisine from farm to table. Flora’s Field Kitchen uses fresh farm ingredients to serve both traditional and modern Mexican meals plus, the all-organic farm sees all production happen in house - from the plant cultivation to presenting the meal that is served on your plate.

Working by hand, Flora Farms grows all of its ingredients naturally, planting over 100 varieties of vegetable and herbs during the 8-month growing season. So sit alongside rows of fresh rosemary, radishes, basil, asparagus, baby arugula, turnips, eggplant, and even some cacti before you dig into this essential part of Mexican culture. Better yet, cook up your own homemade guacamole by taking a hands-on cooking class!

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San Jose del Cabo Art Walk Celebrated for its cultural heritage, history and art scene, take the time to get to know the vibrant town of San Jose del Cabo. Every Thursday evening, November through June, check out inspiring works such as paintings, sculpture, photography and jewellery by artists all across Mexico at the San Jose del Cabo Art Walk. The long picturesque streets with unparalleled hospitality, has become the cultural centre of Los Cabos and a place much loved by locals. Listen to live music, taste exquisite foods in any of the acclaimed restaurants, admire the original art found on every corner and soak it all in because there is nowhere else like San Jose del Cabo.

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