Under Los Cabos crystal clear-waters habit numerous amazing fish species. From small to large, there is a diverse range that thrives in the Gulf. Some of the fish that can be found include Marlin, Snapper, Grouper, Mahi, Sailfish, Tuna, Tarpon, Snook and Roosterfish.

Like many animals, fish travel together in groups, but that’s not just because they love company. The biology of fish schools is not easy to understand.

Schooling has been widely studied and numerous theories have evolved trying to explain why fish get together.

Let´s know the difference between school, shoal and aggregation.

Aggregation is a loose and unorganized gathering of fish that often containing different species. They aggregate because they are all feeding on the same nourishment or swimming on the same section of the reef looking for protection.

A single species of fish in aggregation is called a Shoal. There, the fish are all pointed in different directions, milling around, doing their own thing.

When a shoal is polarized means that they are pointing in the same direction and working together. It is known as a School.

Fish gather in schools for several reasons:

1.- Safety

Schools are conformed by thousands or hundreds of nearly identical fish who confuse predators and make it difficult to single out and attack one individual fish. An extreme but common response of schools attacked by predators is the formation of a circle. This behavior is distinctive and it is very common among several species and ecosystems.

2.- Feeding

It makes it easier for some fish to find food. With many more eyes on the lookout, a school can find potential prey more effectively. The school isn’t controlled by any single fish. It simply emerges if there are enough members following the right set of rules.

3.- Breeding

Schooling brings the sexes together and increases the odds of successful reproduction. Many fish species gather in schools when they are in need to mate but also could be the other side. Some schools could be conformed only by females. All together defending themselves from male harassment.

Is there any leader in charge? Truly, no one is and everyone is. Every single fish just follows two basic rules: Stay close, but not too close, and keep swimming!

If many fishes join the gang, something fantastic will happen: the single movement will turn into a stunning new entity which has its own behavior.

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