In Baja California Sur you can find one of the best coffee shops in Mexico.

The origin of this coffee is part of the history of Baja Beans. At the beginning of each harvest the owner and founder, Alec Tidey, makes his annual pilgrimage to the center of Mexico where the roots of Baja Beans are located; in the most hidden part of the heart of Veracruz. The coffee grows in amazing landscapes at an altitude that ranges between 793-1189 meters above sea level. The coffee plantations are enriched with an organic fertilizer that is then recycled. The coffee plants grow on the shade of macadamia and pine trees, which together with the perfect temperature diversify the flavor and aroma of the coffee.

The second part of the story continues with the hand-picked harvest of green beans that arrive to Pescadero where a 12-kg German Probat Vintage Roaster guarantees perfect toasting in every batch.

Every Sunday, the coffee shop welcomes the artisan and organic market, where you can find artisan tenants, farmers, painters, handmade clothing and much more.

How to get there?

40 minutes from Cabo San Lucas, on the way to La Paz.

If you are passionate about coffee and you are in Los Cabos, do not hesitate to visit Pescadero and check the exquisite taste of Baja Beans Coffee.