Written by Mark Fitz

Credit: Mark Fitz

At the very southern tip of Mexico’s Baja California peninsula is the beautiful region of Los Cabos. Comprising the two towns of San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas, this region is full of stunning natural wonders and must see experiences including:

El Arco or the Arch of Cabo San Lucas The most famous of Cabo’s natural wonders is without a doubt the granite rock formation known as the Arch of Cabo San Lucas. Photos of this beauty are absolutely everywhere, from billboards to t-shirts and postcards, it’s an icon of Cabo.

With it being such a must see attraction, there’s no shortage of tours available to experience it first-hand. There’s lots of catamarans and boats that cruise here each day but to get right up close, the best option is by kayak or stand up paddleboard.

We kayaked out here with the fantastic team from High Tide Los Cabos and as you’re in a kayak you can get even closer to the Arch than regular boats. As well as seeing the arch, you can then paddle over to the colony of sea lions that live on the rocks just next to it and watch them playing and lazing about in the sun.

You’ll find the stunning arch at Land’s End in Cabo San Lucas, where the Pacific Ocean meets the Sea of Cortez and it’s only a short distance from the Cabo San Lucas Marina.Credit: Mark Fitz

Whale Sharks One of the best places in the world to swim with whale sharks is in the waters off the coast of Baja California Sur. Regular day trips run to the capital La Paz from Los Cabos and from here it’s just a short boat ride out to what Jacques Cousteau affectionately called the “aquarium of the world”.

Here is one of the most incredible marine eco systems in the world, the Sea of Cortez, where the largest fish in the sea are found almost all year round. Tours to swim with the whale sharks run from October to April and are one of the most incredible experiences you can have.

Being in the water alongside these gentle giants which can grow up to 12m long is absolutely breath-taking. These harmless creatures glide effortlessly as they feed on the plankton at the surface and if you’re lucky they might even stop still for a few minutes and feed right next to you!Credit: Mark Fitz

Humpback Whales It’s not just whale sharks that love the waters around Baja California Sur. Humpback whales also migrate through here from November to April. The whales return here each year to mate and calve during the winter months and are quite easy to spot from the mainland as they breach and blow huge spouts of water through their blowholes on the surface.

Specific whale watching tours are available to observe them but you can also spot them like we did from our Cabo Adventures catamaran during a sensational day trip to Santa Maria Bay.

Cabo Pulmo This UNESCO World Heritage Listed site is one of the oldest coral reefs on the west coast of North America and estimated to be around 20,000 years old.

A great way to experience Cabo Pulmo National Park from both above and below the water is via a day trip with High Tide Los Cabos. After a fantastic 4wd Jeep trip up and down mountain trails you arrive at Playa Arbolitos for some snorkelling in the crystal clear waters just off the beach.

Be sure to check out the short hike that winds along the coastline here too as it takes in some stunning secluded beaches and amazing views over the water. Credit: Mark Fitz

Chileno and Santa Maria Bays If you’d like to do some snorkelling but not travel as far as Cabo Pulmo, there’s some fun spots close to shore at Chileno and Santa Maria Bays.

You can either do an organised day trip with a tour company and snorkel straight off the back of the yacht or come here yourself and swim a short distance from the beach where you’ll be greeted by lots of fish. Santa Maria is my favourite of the two bays and is surrounded by picturesque red rocky cliffs and turquoise waters.Credit: Mark Fitz

Credit: Mark Fitz

Sunrises and Sunsets With Cabo's unique geographic location at the very southern tip of Baja California Sur, it's the perfect spot to soak in some stunning sunrises and sunsets!

The Sheraton Grand Los Cabos knows how to make the most of these beautiful sunrises and sunsets and you can kick back and watch the sensational skies light up over the ocean from the comfort of your room, the swimming pools or even the beachfront spa.Credit: Mark Fitz