Discover this fisherman’s paradise.

This year-round activity is a favorite among locals and tourists alike. With a wealth of species and the temperate climate, sportfishing in Los Cabos is a dream. The crystal-clear waters that once drew Ernest Hemingway, who’s known as the godfather of modern sportfishing, is home to a wealth of species, so cast your line and be prepared to reel it in several times on your outing.

The tip of the Baja peninsula used to be hard to reach – the only way in was on a long desert highway – is now easily accessible for all who want to experience world-class fishing. Is there anything better than a day at sea? What’s so special about fishing in Los Cabos is the journey out there. Starting in town, the views to the sea are incredible. And when you reach the water and head out, be sure to take in the iconic Arch, and don’t forget to look back at the land for breathtaking mountains and desert views.

The main draw in Los Cabos is the billfish, especially the marlin – including blue marlin, black marlin and the ever-popular striped marlin. If you’re headed down to the water, you might consider a few extra arm workouts leading up. Most billfish weigh between 200 and 500 pounds. And there’s always a chance you’ll score a trophy winner at over 1,000 pounds. Imagine casting out, feeling a tug and fighting in a massive striped marlin… not once, but several times in a day. Double digit catches aren’t uncommon when you fish the Pacific Ocean off the Baja Peninsula.

If marlin is what you’re interested in, the season runs from September to mid-March with average catches of six to 12 marlin. If you’re just looking for a day on the water and it’s about the catching versus what you’re catching, Los Cabos can be fished year-round.

Come explore our prolific waters and prepare to head home with bragging rights.