At the southern tip of Baja Sur California, Los Cabos is home to some of the freshest seafood and perfect farming conditions in Mexico. This combination results in quite the varied and delectable culinary scene. With options from high-end fine dining to authentic street food, it’s difficult to know where to begin let alone what to choose from the menu. To help you get started, here are four of the best meals in Los Cabos you cannot miss on your next visit.

Flora Farms - Mama's Pizzeria In the foothills of San Jose del Cabo, Flora Farms epitomises the definition of farm-to-table. This all-organic farm sees all production happen in house - from the plant cultivation to presenting the meal that is served on your plate. Although every single item on the menu is superb, the pizza is what keeps the crowds returning. At the farm’s restaurant, Flora’s Field Kitchen, the wood-fired oven pumps out pizza from “Mama’s Pizzeria.” Choose from 15 types of Neapolitan-style pizza with local ingredients like the Farm Bacon with Farm Egg or the Fennel Sausage & Mozzarella. More likely to take the simple route? You’re in luck – the classic Margarita pizza is also to die for. There are even gluten free options available.Credit: @florafarms on Instagram

Los Agaves – Tacos & Mezcal Margarita If you’re looking for the ultimate hole-in-the-wall experience, Los Agaves in Miraflores, just one hour north from San Jose del Cabo, is your spot. Upon rocking up to this down-to-earth joint, you won’t know what to expect. Los Agaves doesn’t even have a website – that’s just how local they are. From the guacamole to the side of beans, everything you try will scream authenticity. The must-try meal here however has to be the tacos (of any meat choice) paired with their tangy mezcal margaritas – try the cactus flavour if you’re feeling risky, it’s worth it.Credit: @tracey_mitchell13 on Instagram

Cielomar - Poached Octopus The octopus at Cielomar Rooftop bar is just as good as the vibe. Because Los Cabos is a coastal destination, seafood makes an appearance on most menus and will be some of the freshest you have tried. The poached octopus dish is served with fresh celery, kalamata olives and avocado fries covered in Mexican mole sauce. The combination of these flavours plus the paired wine that your server will kindly help you choose all go together like bread and butter. A trip to Los Cabos isn’t complete without being open minded and trying this local favourite. Credit: Meesha Merat

The Ledge at The Cape - The Cape Toast The French toast at The Ledge at The Cape is so widely loved that it coined the name “the cape toast.” The Ledge is one of many renowned restaurants at The Cape, a Thompson Hotel and this specific dish plays an essential part. Covered in roasted banana, raspberries, almonds and charred vanilla cream, the cape toast is the sweetest start to your day. Head to The Ledge for breakfast and ignore the sugar content just this once because your holiday to Los Cabos is the time to indulge in the finer things in life.Credit: @thecapehotel on Instagram