The spotlight shines on Los Cabos as it hosts the Los Cabos International Film Festival from November 9th - 13th. Focused on supporting the work of Mexican, American and Canadian filmmakers, the festival promotes a dialogue and cultural exchange of the North American film industry and the rest of the world. The festival contributes to the national film culture by offering premieres of both Mexican and international films, thus promoting regional creators and promoting diverse content.

In its eleventh year, the Los Cabos International Film Festival welcomes audiences back to in-person viewings and celebrations for the first time since 2019. The reunion brings together outstanding film productions from across the Americas to be shown at the Cinemex Puerto Paraíso. 

The screenings will be accompanied by special exhibitions, exclusive events, and panels addressing the important topics featured in this year’s submissions. Within the festival are three competitions with cash prizes for their winners. 

  • The Competencia Los Cabos Award will bestow $300,00 MXN (US$14,955) upon the best film director.
  • The CINECOLOR Award will be presented to a film producer for image post-production services, including $812,000 MXN (US$40,474) dedicated towards their next independent film.
  • The La Baja Inspira Competition, back for the second year in a row, pays tribute to the festival’s host region and awards $250,000 MXN (US$12,461) to productions filmed in the area. 

The four-day film festival is one pillar of the diverse cultural activities offered in Los Cabos. Embracing the deep roots of Mexican culture and embracing the international influence of its visitors, Los Cabos is brimming with eclectic and authentic musical, artistic and cultural experiences. Find more festivals and events in Los Cabos.