Lace up those boots and find your best jersey, sports-fans, because the professional and semi-professional sports calendar in Los Cabos is as jam-packed as our spa treatment lists and cocktail menus. Between all the golf, surfing, kayaking, paddle-boarding, yoga and other active itinerary fillers that you can take part in yourself, setting aside time to see some sports can make for a relaxing afternoon with a good excuse to sample some local cuisine in the stands. Los Cabos provides nearly 350 days of sunshine each year, which makes for perfect weather for sporting events, no matter whether they’re on the field, the beach or the water, or spectating in the stands.

Los Cabos Half Marathon - February

Running and holidays might not seem like compatible concepts for many people, but for those of you who love an active escape, there’s nothing quite like getting involved in a gruelling long distance race. The 21km course winds its way around San Jose del Cabo in cooler February, taking in sights along the coast, the marina in into the desert on the other end of the town. Before the race, take part in the cocktail reception and whale watching, or celebrate at the finish line with some much needed canapes, craft beer and live music – after you rehydrate of course.

Image Courtesy of Los Cabos Half Marathon

Los Cabos Open of Surf – June

The fast and furious waves on Zippers Beach, just south-west of San Jose del Cabo plays host to the Los Cabos Open of Surf in June, the premiere surf event in Mexico. The competition began in 2013 as a men’s event, but has since transitioned to a 6-star Women’s event, with Men’s and Women’s Pro Junior events. The 4- to 5-foot waves come in quick on a south swell, and with plenty of air to be had and a rocky shoreline, there are thrills and spills a-plenty. Aside from the action on the water, music plays a huge part in the Los Cabos Open of Surf, and plenty of DJs and local and international acts take the stage throughout the weekend’s events.

Abierto de Tenis Los Cabos – July, August

Some of the best hard court action gets served up in Los Cabos during summer when the Abierto de Tenis (or Los Cabos Tennis Open) gets underway. The tournament is the highest-paying in its category in all of the Americas, and it draws in some big names and up-and-coming professional players. The court and arena in the Cabo Del Mar sports centre is brand new, featuring the cutting edge in facilities and amenities, but best of all, it’s located just west of Cabo San Lucas, which makes post-match celebrations and commiserations all the more easy!

Image Courtesy of Abierto de Tenis Los Cabos

Bisbee’s Tournaments – August, October

The Bisbee fishing tournaments are some of the world’s highest-paying meets, with millions of dollars on the line between hundreds of teams. In October, the main and most prestigious event, the Black and Blue Marlin Tournament is held out from Cabo San Lucas. Immediately prior, teams can also partake in the Los Cabos Offshore meet, or, in August, the East Coast Offshore event is held east of Los Cabos in Buenavista. The three tournaments all have different and very unique approaches, from the old-school, laid back vibes of the East Coast Offshore to the social, “warm-up” Los Cabos Offshore, or the hard-fought, intense Black and Blue Tournament.

Image Courtesy of Facebook: @bisbeesblackandblue

Extreme Sailing Series – Late November/Early December

This sailing tournament tours the world, from the Middle East to Europe and the Americas, and if the thought of watching slowly-meandering sailing boats round a course doesn’t get you excited, think again. These GC32 catamarans hit incredible speeds of nearly 70 kilometres per hour, and when they hit their pace, they rise out of the water thanks to huge hydrofoils in the water. This leads to some incredible scenes of fast-paced and heart-stopping on-water action, with everything on the line in the final race of this World Series, with everyone vying for the win.