Foodies who prefer to taste and sip their way through a destination can bring home the authentic flavors of Los Cabos by attending a cooking class while on vacation. From fresh seafood to traditional Mexican recipes, our decorated chefs host exclusive courses that offer behind-the-scenes instructions to recreate their finest dishes. Come along with us to uncover the secrets of Los Cabos cuisine.

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Monte Cardon: Hands-On Experience

Perched atop a Baja Californian desert hill, Monte Cardón offers a culinary haven boasting panoramic views of the Sea of Cortes and Sierra de la Laguna mountains. Recognized among the “Best Things to Do in Los Cabos” by Travel + Leisure, Monte Cardón's cooking classes exalt culinary craftsmanship. Focusing on sustainability and slow food principles, the menu highlights the region's finest local ingredients, weaving together textures, flavors, and scents. Guided by the chef, guests embark on a sensory journey of contemporary Mexican cuisine, marrying pre-Hispanic elements with Mediterranean influences. The four-hour experience encompasses a property tour, a welcome cocktail, and a tailored three-course recipe cooking class accommodating dietary preferences.

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Flora Farms: Farm-to-Table Magic

The rustic yet chic Flora Farms hosts interactive cooking classes amidst the lush fields and organic gardens. Under the guidance of skilled instructors, guests learn the art of crafting regional dishes using the freshest ingredients harvested right from the farm. From homemade tortillas to savory salsas, each dish tells a story of sustainability and flavor, culminating in a delightful lunch experience. Featuring weekly themed classes such as Rustic Ratatouille, Seasonal Tamales, Ricotta Gnocchi, and Regional Salsas, each session offers a hands-on exploration of authentic recipes and techniques coming together to make an abundant feast.

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Limonero at Chileno Bay: Elevated Regional Cuisine

Discover the secrets behind traditional Mexican cuisine with Limonero's cooking class at Chileno Bay. Led by the creative culinary minds behind COMAL and YAYA, the recurring Friday afternoon course delves into age-old techniques for crafting silky guacamole, citrusy fish tostadas, tangy salsa, spicy ceviche, and savory tacos. With expert guidance, visitors can elevate their culinary skills to create tantalizing meals at home.

Orchard at Pueblo Bonito Pacífica: Open-Air Culinary Courses

For cooking enthusiasts seeking to enhance their culinary repertoire, the Orchard Cooking Class at Pueblo Bonito Pacífica Golf & Spa Resort offers a perfect blend of instruction and indulgence. Participants have the opportunity to handpick fresh ingredients from Pacifica's garden and receive insider tips from master chefs to craft palate-pleasing, authentic Baja California Sur cuisine. Hosted in the late morning on Fridays, sessions are followed by a gourmet lunch paired with sommelier-selected wines, elevating the culinary experience to new heights.

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Tamarindos: Handpicked Local Flavors

A unique culinary journey is available at Tamarindos, a Mexican farm where guests harvest fresh vegetables and aromatic herbs before diving into a hands-on, four-course cooking class guided by talented chefs. Afterward, a delightful lunch featuring the class’ creations is enjoyed alongside scenic views of the fields and the Sea of Cortes breeze. Tamarindos' cooking school offers customizable experiences, with public classes available daily at 10 am and 3 pm, each lasting four hours. Menu options cater to all dietary preferences, from appetizers like ceviche to complex dishes like mole or birria, ending with desserts like churros or sweet tamales.

From fine dining to walking tours, learn more about the culinary treasures of Los Cabos.