San Jose del Cabo - Art Walk

In San José del Cabo, an artistic treasure is always around the corner. Follow the cobbled streets that take you past galleries proudly displaying art in the windows and cozy local restaurants offering a little bit of everything. 

One of the best ways to acquaint yourself with San José del Cabo’s thriving art scene is to attend a weekly evening art walk that takes place from 5 to 9 every Thursday from November to June. Shops and galleries open their doors to both curious travelers and serious art curators.

Browse unique galleries that house fine art installations from artists like the abstract expressionist and sculptor Frank Arnold and discover galleries showcasing art, jewelry and crafts from local, national and international artists. 

Stop at one of the local restaurants peppered throughout the district offering traditional cuisine like mole tamales and culinary options infused with ingredients and cooking styles from around the world. Bars and breweries like Baja Brewing Company add to the fun by serving locally made beer, wine or a variety of craft cocktails.

Street performers like musicians and dancers add to the lively atmosphere throughout the evening, adding to the charm and cultural experiences of San José del Cabo. 

In Los Cabos, good times are unstoppable. And when you stare out at El Arco, you’ll feel a million miles from the everyday—not just six feet. But the rules here are a little different, and we want you to come prepared so you can enjoy your time in this place that inspires laid-back adventures — whether you’re browsing art galleries or simply soaking up the welcoming atmosphere of the region.

While we anticipate that the Art Walk will begin in November 2020, there may be special safety protocols put in place or adjusted hours of operation due to COVID-19. We recommend that you follow the San José Del Cabo Gallery District on Facebook and Instagram to receive the latest updates and information regarding safety protocols and operations.