Find some of the best surfing in the world off the Baja Peninsula.

You’ll find beginners and pro surfers alike talking about the waves off the coast of Los Cabos. Each year, surfers of all degree make their way south to the warm, crystal-clear waters of the Pacific. Breezes blow in some of the best point breaks in North America.

Acapulquito Level: Novice Located in San José del Cabo, Acapulquito offers calm waves for those just getting comfortable on their board. If you’d like to take lessons, there are several places along the coast to choose from. Fun Fact: locals call it Old Man’s because of the older crowd that frequents this area.

Los Cerritos Level: Intermediate Due to its ease of access, Los Cerritos is one of the most popular surf spots near Todos Santos. Offering both a beach break and a point break, this is a great location for beginners and pros. But if you are new to the sport, keep in mind the point sends in fast and peaky waves.

Monuments Level: Advanced Best for seasoned surfers looking for a challenge. This cove offers up some tricky point breaks alongside rocks that protrude out of the water. Although a bit treacherous, this spot is just 10 minutes east of Cabo San Lucas. If you’re more into watching surfers ride the waves, this is great spot to catch them.

La Pastora Level: Expert About an hour’s drive north from Cabo San Lucas and just outside of Pueblo Mágico Todos Santos, La Pastora is a great surfing location. It’s off the path a bit but the waves here offer great breaks for experienced surfers. Be aware of the rocky bottom and big winter swells.