Learn more about the beloved symbol and natural landmark of Los Cabos.

Credit: @andrespsola on Instagram

Right where the Sea of Cortez collides with the Pacific Ocean stands El Arco, the rock formation that is synonymous with Los Cabos. The jagged rock is situated at the very tip of the Baja Peninsula known as Land’s End and is an iconic sight that locals and visitors alike admire for its stunning qualities. Most tours make a stop at the arch and hotels sprawled along the sand in Cabo San Lucas ensure that views of El Arco are never obstructed, inviting you to take in the beauty of the arch’s silhouette.

The History of El Arco The Baja California Peninsula was once a part of the North American Plate about 12 to 15 million years ago and through plate tectonics, the peninsula was eventually formed, which means that El Arco and the other rock formations scattered nearby are millions of years old. Over time, erosion carved through the rock, forming the arch that is recognized around the world today.

Wildlife around El Arco An abundance of marine animals flourish beneath the surface in the nutrient-rich waters of the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez. Sea lions bask in the warm Baja sunshine on a large flat rock known as La Lobera and many sea birds also like to take refuge in the nooks of the limestone rocks. Beneath the surface, a technicolor world of coral and brightly colored fish flourishes, where you’re likely to encounter parrotfish, pufferfish, sea turtles and guitarfish. During whale watching season, you’ll likely see humpback whales breaching near the arch.

Ways to View El Arco Venture to secluded beaches near El Arco that offer remarkable views of the ocean and up-close views of the arch. Lover’s Beach is a popular spot for sunseekers, kayakers taking a rest and those looking for an incredible backdrop of ocean views. Water taxis are available to drop you off and pick you up, but kayaking is another way to get to Lover’s Beach. Divorce Beach is also a good spot for viewing El Arco, but not for swimming because of the rough currents and waves from the Pacific Ocean.

Spend an evening on the patio of any of the restaurants close to the water in Cabo San Lucas, where you’ll be treated to a fiery sunset punctuated by the silhouette of El Arco in the distance. Neptune Restaurant at the Villa del Arco Beach Resort and Spa is a perfect place for a sunset cocktail and The Cape offers sophisticated rooms with large windows to view El Arco, as well as a rooftop bar and lounge where al fresco dining and panoramic views of the rock formations await. 

 El Arco is a timeless symbol of Los Cabos that captures the region’s effortless beauty. It’s a gateway to the sea, to the wonderful experiences of Los Cabos and to The Baja Way.