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Spa & Wellness in Los Cabos

Surrounded by lapping azure waters and sundrenched beaches, Los Cabos is a haven of tranquility and rejuvenation, serving as an idyllic retreat from the demands of everyday life. A new wave of luxurious spas has emerged, adding opulence to our sanctuary for the senses and elevating the art of…

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The Michelin Guide to Los Cabos

Positioned at the tip of Baja California Sur’s peninsula where the Sea of Cortes meets the Pacific Ocean, Los Cabos has long been a popular destination for traveling foodies. Boasting fertile farmlands and bursting with sustainable seafood options, Los Cabos is home to an ever-growing roster of…

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Los Cabos is known for its stunning beaches, crystal clear waters, and abundant marine life. But there's much more to this region than meets the eye. Travelers who venture beneath the surface of the Sea of Cortes and the Pacific Ocean will discover a world of wild, untamed beauty that few have…

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Wellness Champions Sustainable Production

Los Cabos Tourism Board has just unveiled its latest campaign, Wellness Champions, in partnership with the award-winning media agency, Sparkloft Media. This campaign is a true celebration of luxury, wellness, and sustainability, positioning Los Cabos as the ultimate destination for visitors looking…

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A Greener Los Cabos

Unlike any other place on the planet, Los Cabos is where the desert sand meets the ocean waves, and wildlife flourishes on land and in the water. Naturally, these precious ecosystems and their inhabitants are worth preserving for generations to come, locals and tourists alike. One of the most…

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Los Cabos Celebrates Three New Blue Flag Beaches

Los Cabos has proven its commitment to the environment by receiving the Blue Flag Certification for three new beaches – La Gaviota, Monument, and El Surgidero Los Cabos now has 22 Blue Flag beaches, more than any other place in Mexico. The iconic Blue Flag is an internationally recognized…

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Los Cabos Awaits Your Return

Updated on 4/14/20 Los Cabos has often been defined by the beauty of our desert by the sea and the remoteness of our physical place. Also, our resilience. It can be seen in the passion of our people and their desire to provide our guests with impeccable service, warmth and the feeling of…

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