In a groundbreaking collaboration with Los Cabos Tourism, the San Francisco 49ers transformed Estadio Bicentenario de Fútbol Americano into a hub of athletic and educational excellence for local youth football players. Held on May 30, the "Day with 49ers" clinic aimed to cultivate a passion for American football while highlighting the cultural and tourism connections between San Francisco and Los Cabos.

kids football

Welcoming one hundred kids, the clinic featured educational sessions led by 49ers EDU educators, covering various facets of the game. Young athletes then got hands-on experience through introductory drills facilitated by NFL Mexico youth coaches. The clinic motivated the youth of Los Cabos to embrace sports, teaching essential skills such as discipline, teamwork, and perseverance.

Adding star power to the event, NFL Hall of Famer Patrick Willis and Diana Flores, captain of the Mexican national flag football team and Los Cabos’ Wellness Champions Ambassador, made special appearances. Willis shared his journey and insights, demonstrating how sports can offer life-changing opportunities and uplift communities. Flores promoted a holistic approach to health, combining physical fitness with mental and emotional well-being. Their contributions, paired with the support of local authorities and the 49ers technical team, created an enriching environment for all participants.

diana 49ers football day

Rodrigo Esponda, Managing Director of the Los Cabos Tourism Board, emphasized the strategic significance of this collaboration and discussed the role of sports in driving tourism and community development. "This clinic exemplifies the strong partnership between Los Cabos and the San Francisco 49ers, bridging communities through the universal language of sport," said Esponda. The event celebrated not only the sport but also the cross-border collaboration, reinforcing a commitment to the well-being and development of the local community.

The "Day with 49ers" clinic was more than just a sports event; it was a celebration of community, growth, and international camaraderie. Learn more about our winning partnership with the San Francisco 49ers.